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AR SOFT is a Russian accredited IT company that develops and implements proprietary software solutions for construction management. Our innovative applications optimize processes and increase efficiency in various industries, including oil and gas, mining and metallurgy, and residential construction.

Industry Solutions

Industrial construction, operation, maintenance

Civil Engineering and Reconstruction

Management of construction, reconstruction and operation of municipal facilities

Construction and management of infrastructure facilities

Equipment operation

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AR MOBILE construction control platform is the company's flagship product.

It offers task manager functions and ensures communication between project participants in a single digital environment. Using this solution, you can work with 2D drawings on popular mobile devices (Android, iOS), as well as with 3D models in augmented reality on tablets.

A program for a personal computer based on the Windows operating system, designed for cropping and optimizing 3D models while preserving attributes.

Reduces the weight of a 3D model file by 5 - 11 times. Allows you to customize the fragmentation grid to divide the model into sectors of various shapes and further work independently with each of them.

A program for conducting architectural supervision and construction control in augmented reality with the ability to overlay a 3D model on a real object.

Designer can upload a 3D model of an object to the service, go to its physical location and combine the virtual model and the object itself through AR glasses, which will clearly allow deviations from the project to be determined and the necessary measurements taken.

Multi-user platform for managing project activities in virtual reality.

This is a software solution that allows you to download a pre-prepared BIM model from almost any CAD system (such as Autocad, AVEVA, REVIT, etc.) for collective study in a virtual environment using VR glasses.

A system for modeling utility networks using HoloLens 2 augmented reality glasses, which provides for automatic receipt of project specifications.

Allows you to build a utility network, seeing all the errors and inconsistencies of the three-dimensional model with real space and existing structures, while all control occurs only with the help of user hand gestures.

Results of using AR Mobile

Increase the speed of work by 5 times

At an industrial facility with an area of 11,990 m2 using a set of software solutions for field supervision.

Reducing the time of assembly and installation work at the customer’s site by 10%

By working with BIM models in augmented reality in a high-tech manufacturing plant.

Reduced maintenance costs by 5%

Thanks to working in a single digital platform with the ability to record comments, track their implementation and store the history of work on the object.

Working time for searching and recording warehouse balances was reduced by 40%

At a large industrial enterprise, thanks to the use of a single platform with functions for monitoring construction and work in augmented reality.

The project budget was reduced by 15% due to collision detection in the early stages of construction.

On a civil engineering site by combining a BIM model of an office building object with a real object in the augmented reality module.

Our advantages


The team has more than 100 experts in various industries, from IT to BIM modeling, 2D design, quality engineers.

Independence of decisions

Our company is independent of technical customers, developers and builders. All solutions are independent and created solely for the benefit of our customers.

Practical experience

We have successful experience in implementing large infrastructure construction projects, general civil construction projects, as well as projects in the industrial sector, in particular in the oil and gas sector and in nuclear energy.

Over 250 user interviews

All solutions are based on immediate customer needs, solve specific problems and make daily work tasks simpler and easier.

Data Security

All data is under control and safe. Our servers are located in Russia, all data is stored in accordance with Russian legislation.

Deep understanding of the construction industry

We deeply understand the specifics and features of the construction industry in the Russian market. The design takes into account the constraints, challenges and needs of construction companies to create the most effective and relevant solutions.

An example of using the service
on a construction site

Economic effect

Up to 8 times

reducing the time for pre-project work

On 11-17 %

reducing the cost of creating physical prototypes

> Qualities

carrying out author's supervision due to the imposition of a 3D model on a real object

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