3D modeling system in augmented and virtual reality



AR Trays Designer
AR Trays Designer

Engineering network modeling system in HoloLens 2 glasses as well as obtaining an automatic specification for the project

AR Control
AR Control

A program for architectural supervision and construction control in augmented reality with the ability to overlay a 3D model on a real object

AR Mobile
AR Mobile

An application that allows you to carry out architectural supervision, construction control using a tablet and mobile phone

Model Editor
Model Editor

A program for a personal computer based on the Windows operating system designed for cropping and optimizing 3d models while preserving attributes

VR Build Manager
VR Build Manager

A virtual prototyping system designed to work with a 3D-model from various CAD programs in virtual reality

We are strong in software solutions for pre- and post-project work:

Иконка преимущества #1

Construction of engineering networks on the object itself by scanning and creating a digital grid of the room

Иконка преимущества #2

Instant receipt of the project specification

Иконка преимущества #3

Conducting author supervision using augmented reality glasses HoloLens2

Иконка преимущества #4

Conducting author's supervision using a tablet

Иконка преимущества #5

Visual demonstration of the stages of the construction of the facility using CSG

Иконка преимущества #6

Convenient coordination of projects and solutions with the customer through visualization of 3d models in virtual and augmented reality. WOW effect

Иконка преимущества #7

Creation of digital information models of any complexity

Иконка преимущества #8

Creation of interactive electronic technical manuals

Economic effect

Up to 8 times

reducing the time for pre-project work

On 11-17 %

reducing the cost of creating physical prototypes

> Qualities

carrying out author's supervision due to the imposition of a 3D model on a real object

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