Digitalization in construction. Experience with AR-, MR- technology. Standardization

On September 12, within the framework of the joint project "Business Russia" of Samara Region and BCOP "Business Tuesday", the participants of the event discussed digitalization in construction, experience in the use of AR- , MR- technology

The speakers were Anton Porhun, Advisor to the Director of "AR SOFT" LLC, member of the Samara regional branch of "Business Russia", and Nikita Chernov, Development Director of "AR SOFT" LLC.

Vadim Nekrasov, Deputy Chairman of the Samara Regional Branch of "Business Russia", Head of the Import Substitution Center of the Samara Region, noted the relevance of the topic in his welcoming speech: "Today, very interesting issues are on the agenda, not easy from a technical point of view, but effective and promising for the implementation of a huge number of tasks in a wide range of areas. The so-called marker technologies provide a number of advantages in the form of accessibility, visibility, interactivity and relevance of information in real time. Today our guests will demonstrate these opportunities in the context of their solutions"

Aysylu Lykhkun, Chair of the Information Technology Committee of the Samara regional branch of "Business Russia", introduced her colleagues: "As part of the program of transition to domestic software on the basis of our Import Substitution Center, we help to promote and popularize promising Samara IT developers. "AR SOFT" has been on the market for several years and has already proved itself in working with large customers. I am glad to introduce you today our colleagues Anton Porhun and Nikita Chernov. I am sure the meeting will be useful for everyone.

Никита Чернов начал свое выступление экскурсом о компании: «АР СОФТ — российская аккредитованная ИТ-компания, которая разрабатывает и внедряет собственные программные решения для управления строительством. Наши инновационные приложения оптимизируют процессы и повышают эффективность в различных отраслях, включая нефтегазовую, горно-металлургическую и жилищное строительство. Наши продукты включены в реестр отечественного программного обеспечени. Команда состоит из более 50 человек».

The expert spoke in detail about AR Mobile and Modell Editor products, described their technical characteristics and advantages in use: "AR Mobile is a platform for construction management using augmented reality. It is designed for construction control and author's supervision during construction of large and small objects in industrial and civil construction, oil and gas sector. Model Editor is an editor for optimizing 3D models with attribute preservation".

Далее выступил Антон Порхун. Он отметил факторы, повлиявшие на создание программных комплексов для цифровизации технологических процессов, связанных с надзором, проектными работами, управлением строительства.
Anton Porhun spoke next. He noted the factors that influenced the creation of software complexes for digitalization of technological processes related to supervision, design works, construction management. He told about the project of writing the standard "Carrying out construction control using augmented reality technology and artificial intelligence". "We offered our expert services to Rostechnadzor, Rosstandart and the Ministry of Construction of Russia in terms of assistance in developing standards for construction control using augmented and mixed reality technologies and in six months we became developers of a national standard. At the moment, we have drafted the third version of the standard, which is undergoing public discussion," said Deloross.

The speaker also demonstrated the capabilities of AR Mobile and Modell Editor on specific cases, emphasizing that AR SOFT can conduct pilot tests of the proposed software solutions with the provision of equipment at the customer's site.
Он также обратил внимание и на популярность использования подобных решений. «Отечественная строительная отрасль, компании-застройщики используют VR, AR и MR-технологии не только для различных этапов работ строительного контроля, но и для коммерции, продаж. Появляются кейсы по виртуальным выставкам, маркетплейсам, геймификация объектов недвижимости, цифровые двойники. Этот тренд позволяет по-новому посмотреть на процесс взаимодействия с клиентом», – подчеркнул Антон Порхун.

"For the purposes of import substitution and optimization of work processes, the agenda of promoting Russian products, especially in backbone industries, is becoming more and more relevant. It is worth noting that serious work is being done in this direction. Therefore, it is extremely important to know the demands and at the same time the opportunities of companies and to bring this information to the target audience, which is what we do within the framework of "Business Tuesdays" and the Investment Committee," summarized Vadim Nekrasov