AR SOFT is a Russian accredited IT company that develops and implements proprietary software solutions for construction management. Our innovative applications optimize processes and increase efficiency in various industries, including oil and gas, mining and metallurgy, and residential construction.

The company's flagship product is the AR MOBILE construction control platform. It offers the functions of a task manager and provides communication between project participants in a unified digital environment. With this solution, you can work with 2D drawings on popular mobile devices (Android, iOS), as well as with 3D models in augmented reality on tablets.

AR MOBILE significantly reduces the time spent on construction monitoring at different stages of the process. This leads to an increase in the speed of construction works and prompt updating of site data. Optimization of construction processes by simplifying routine tasks and digitalization of interaction between project participants will help to speed up the commissioning of the facility.

AR SOFT team consists not only of experienced IT specialists, but also of qualified designers working with BIM modeling, quality engineers, commercial and administrative specialists.

Our mission is to make the design process fast, construction control convenient, and further operation simple and clear.

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