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Sprint Review product VR BUILD MANAGER

Иконка прошедшего мероприятия


On March 14, the AR SOFT SCRUM team conducted a Sprint Review of the VR BUILD MANAGER product as part of the development of the AGILE philosophy in the company.

The goal of the Sprint Review was to get feedback from users to understand what needs to be emphasized in further product development and what the next increment should be in order to be as useful to the world as possible.

In addition to the SCRUM team, as representatives of the outside world, Sprint Review was attended by developers of other software solutions from AR SOFT, designers and, most importantly, representatives of companies in which it is planned to introduce a multi-user platform for managing project activities in virtual reality – VR BUILD MANAGER.

According to the results of the Sprint Review, valuable information was obtained that allowed the SCRUM team to adjust the directions of work on the product to best meet user expectations.