AR MOBILE construction control platform is the company's flagship product.

It offers task manager functions and ensures communication between project participants in a single digital environment. Using this solution, you can work with 2D drawings on popular mobile devices (Android, iOS), as well as with 3D models in augmented reality on tablets.

A program for a personal computer based on the Windows operating system, designed for cropping and optimizing 3D models while preserving attributes.

Reduces the weight of a 3D model file by 5 - 11 times. Allows you to customize the fragmentation grid to divide the model into sectors of various shapes and further work independently with each of them.

A program for conducting architectural supervision and construction control in augmented reality with the ability to overlay a 3D model on a real object.

Designer can upload a 3D model of an object to the service, go to its physical location and combine the virtual model and the object itself through AR glasses, which will clearly allow deviations from the project to be determined and the necessary measurements taken.

Multi-user platform for managing project activities in virtual reality.

This is a software solution that allows you to download a pre-prepared BIM model from almost any CAD system (such as Autocad, AVEVA, REVIT, etc.) for collective study in a virtual environment using VR glasses.

A system for modeling utility networks using HoloLens 2 augmented reality glasses, which provides for automatic receipt of project specifications.

Allows you to build a utility network, seeing all the errors and inconsistencies of the three-dimensional model with real space and existing structures, while all control occurs only with the help of user hand gestures.