AR Mobile
российская платформа
для строительного контроля

Все замечания будут устранены

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Compliance with Russian legislation requirements and specific processes on construction sites have been taken into account


How it works

Customers | technical customer

  • operating cost optimization
  • object management in a unified environment
  • process standardization
  • efficiency improvement
  • increased profitability of the facility
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General Contractor

  • централизованное управление субподрядчиками
  • контроль качества строительных работ
  • минимизация ошибок и переделок
  • экономия средств и времени
  • отсутствие проблем при сдаче проекта
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General projector

  • реализация проекта качественно и в срок
  • контроль качества строительства
  • гарантия соблюдения требований по проекту
  • контроль строительной площадки из офиса
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  • снижение операционных расходов за счет оптимизации ежедневных задач и проверок
  • доступ к нужной информации удаленно и в любой момент времени
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Platform functionality

Conducting inspections

Creation and completion of checklists and observations related to inspections.

Creating observations

Photos, videos, chat with voice messaging capability, creation of standard organization template for prescriptive act

Preparation of prescriptive acts

Automatically generated, customizable format, export for multiple observations

Working with a team in a unified environment

Executors automatically receive push notifications on their phones

Quick start

The service is fully ready to use, data loading and work can begin in as little as 1 day

Working with 2D drawings

Create inspections and observations with markers linked to the drawing

Module for working with 3D models

Aligning the 3D model with the actual object on a tablet, augmented reality-based supervision, creation of BCF reports


Visual representation of project statistics

Chats, photo and video sharing, voice messages, push notifications

Work as conveniently as in a messenger app, but without losing any information.

Works on any operating system: Linux, Windows, Mac OS

Implementing solutions that make your job easier

  • Ensure the quality of construction work throughout the entire process of erecting the facility
  • Promptly record detected violations
  • Точно размещайте нарушения на 2D плане объекта
  • Get access to the SP rulebook for automatic generation of acts
  • Instantly notify decision makers, control tasks and communicate by text and voice online
  • Connect any number of subcontractors free of charge
  • Check completed work on the object with fixing in a user-friendly interface
  • Promptly control the execution of tasks
  • Accept work online
  • Get up-to-the-minute statistics on your facility
  • Use BIM models and digital twins to work in the 3D augmented reality module to quickly capture collisions on site
  • Connect contractors to your project for free
  • Capture and track any facility task, assign responsibility, track completion, chat, send photos, videos, voice messages Ensure team consistency
  • Ensure team consistency
  • Reduce wait times for qualified technicians to inspect remote or access-restricted facilities
  • Overlay the 3D model on the real object at a 1:1 scale to match the LiDAR sensor label on the tablet, capture collisions and send a report to CAD systems
  • Increase the visibility and interactivity of the final construction by changing the transparency levels of the 3D model and its layers
  • Evaluate the accuracy of the construction by individual groups of elements
  • Ensure accuracy of construction and installation work based on the 3D model

Results of using AR Mobile

Increase the speed of work by 5 times

At an industrial facility with an area of 11,990 m2 using a set of software solutions for field supervision.

Reducing the time of assembly and installation work at the customer’s site by 10%

By working with BIM models in augmented reality in a high-tech manufacturing plant.

Reduced maintenance costs by 5%

Thanks to working in a single digital platform with the ability to record comments, track their implementation and store the history of work on the object.

Working time for searching and recording warehouse balances was reduced by 40%

At a large industrial enterprise, thanks to the use of a single platform with functions for monitoring construction and work in augmented reality.

The project budget was reduced by 15% due to collision detection in the early stages of construction.

On a civil engineering site by combining a BIM model of an office building object with a real object in the augmented reality module.

Saving 1.5 billion rubles

Reducing downtime during emergency response

Construction of a mining and processing plant

Saving 1.5 billion rubles

Reducing downtime during emergency response

Construction of a mining and processing plant


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