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Creation of IETR

IETR – interactive electronic technical manuals – this is a document in an electronic shell that includes information about the product, the principle of its operation, information about the components, as well as schedules for repairs and maintenance, provision of spare parts and consumables. The guide may also include 3D animations of technological processes, linking information about operators, interactive linking of additional reference literature.

Our capabilities make it possible to create on the basis of existing technical manuals IETM of various levels of complexity and functionality – from simple translation of the paper version of operating instructions into electronic form and working with it in a browser, to linking text, graphic diagrams and drawings with 3D models (geometric, virtual , animated). As a result, working with technical documentation (operating instructions, maintenance and repair schedules, etc.) becomes clear, and the user gets the opportunity to familiarize himself with the device and the operation of the product, which increases the efficiency of operation and repair. You can work with IETR on a PC/tablet, through a browser or special software.

With the help of creating an IETR, you will be able to solve the following tasks:

  1. Providing employees with reference materials about the device, the principles of operation of the product, the performance of routine maintenance and repair of the product;
  2. Training employees in the rules of operation, maintenance and repair of the product, planning and accounting for routine maintenance;
  3. Providing employees with information about the technologies for performing operations with the product, the need for the necessary tools and materials, the number and qualifications of personnel;
  4. Providing employees with instructions for performing planned work and work in emergency situations;
  5. Diagnosis of equipment, troubleshooting and automated ordering of materials and spare parts.

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