AR and VR technologies are rapidly developing and penetrating deeper into all areas of human activity, and statistics confirm this:


industrial companies see the benefits of VR


how many errors are reduced when using AR


how much the cost of training employees with VR is reduced

The development of digital solutions for use in AR and VR training and control is one of the activities of our company.

  • Development of VR simulators for staff training

    Simulators, 3D simulators, action simulators, online VR and AR simulators for students and employees of various fields. The possibilities of virtual reality allow you to recreate conditions close to real ones, which allows you to start learning and practicing the skills of conducting, for example, a dangerous process in a safe environment and bring it to automatism

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    Controlling the performance of complex operations by an employee wearing AR glasses

    Augmented Reality technology helps to significantly increase the efficiency of assembly and installation processes in a factory, and is also suitable for improving the level of service. Our solution is mainly used in processes where exact sequence is needed

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    Obtain documentation for equipment by QR code, as well as other instructions and reports

    Having created a database with all the necessary equipment documentation, including information on the wear of various elements. Thanks to AR technology, by pointing at the desired QR code, you can display all the information on products on the screen of your tablet, phone, and even Ar glasses.

Software development using augmented and virtual reality technologies to order:

  • Analysis of customer business requirements

  • Compilation of technical specifications for the needs of the customer

  • Developing the user interface and architectural design of the system

  • Development of functionality

  • Testing

  • Devices that support our software products:

Devices that support our software products:

Laptops with LiDAR

Smartphones with LIDAR

Oculus Quest 2

Microsoft HoLolens 2

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