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Augmented Reality


Augmented reality (AR) technology is a technology that allows you to integrate information with real world objects in the form of text, computer graphics, audio and other representations in real time. Information is provided to the user using a heads-up display, augmented reality glasses or helmets (HMD), or other form of human graphic projection (such as a smartphone or projection video mapping). Augmented reality technology enhances user interaction with the environment.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality technology (VR) is a complex technology that allows you to immerse a person in an immersive virtual world using specialized devices (virtual reality helmets). Virtual reality provides complete immersion in the computer environment that surrounds the user and responds to his actions in a natural way. Virtual reality constructs a new artificial world transmitted to a person through his sensations: sight, hearing, touch and others. A person can interact with a three-dimensional, computerized environment, as well as manipulate objects or perform specific tasks. In its simplest form, virtual reality includes 360-degree images or videos. Achieving the effect of full immersion in virtual reality to a level where the user cannot distinguish between visualization and real environment is the aim of technology development.