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3D Design System In Augmented Reality

The employees of AR SOFT LLC have tremendous experience in the development of software in the field of augmented reality and are qualified in the design of engineering systems.
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About Company

AR SOFT employees are pioneers in the implementation of augmented reality technology for design in the oil and gas sector. The result of their work is the AR TRAY DESIGNER softer, the functionality of which allows you to design engineering networks and objects at the construction site, get a 3D Model and upload a custom specification, which ultimately optimizes the work of employees: speeds up the work of the designer, improves the quality of supervision of regulatory bodies, operating organizations, gives quick start for the correct purchase of equipment. AR TRAYS DESIGNER is a meaningful step towards the digital economy.

Operational technical support guarantee

We conduct user training both remotely and at the customer's site
The ability to customize the software for the needs of the customer (integration)


The emergence of conflicts between the existing and designed objects
Architectural supervision of 2D projects

Errors in the custom BOM (duplication of items, incorrect number of products)
Design duration

AR Design in 4 steps

  • Build an assembly
  • Building a prototype route
  • Placing an Assembly on a prototype route
  • Uploading BOM

Our Services


AR Application Development

VR Application Development

Software Integration

How We Work

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When will it be possible to purchase the AR TRAYS DESIGNER license?

The first version will be available for purchase in Q1 2021.

What engineering systems can AR TRAYS DESIGNER design?

In the current version, it is possible to design metal structures, pipelines, air ducts and cable support systems.

What equipment is needed to use AR TRAYS DESIGNER?

AR glasses Microsoft Hololens.

How to arrange a demonstration of AR TRAYS DESIGNER capabilities?

Through feedback, you can apply for a presentation, including online.

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