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The configuration manager in your toolkit can save time for your clients and managers while selecting the required products. This software is a kind of customer survey according to a pre-defined scenario in order to find out what exactly the client needs and, as a result, show the full specification, cost, visualization (outside appearance) of the product or service. This is a great way to sell a personalized product with many characteristics and options.


Our company has developed and successfully launched such products as:

  • Configuration manager of cable support systems;
  • Program for cable way dimensioning;
  • Double floor configuration manager;
  • Solar panels configuration manager;
  • Cable fastener and pipe clamp configuration manager;
  • Universal loader of engineering programs.


For equipment manufacturers: in accordance with your catalog, we will develop a convenient configuration manager for equipment selection, and include in it the necessary host of functions, which will ultimately facilitate the work of designers and project developers and will allow you to increase the sales volume of your products due to their introduction into new projects.


Major functionality: The option of saving the intermediate or final result of the project for further loading into the program area for editing. Storing of the complete product base in encrypted form and the possibility to make specific selections from it with additional data filtering.


Optional functionality: Preparation and editing of specifications for the added products inside the software and unloading the specifications to Excel. Providing the ability to work with related data, including fasteners and metal ware required for assembling. Combining the products in accordance with their size, type, dimensions, performance and other characteristics. Calculation of the quantity of products upon the given parameters.

For technical support and purchase of the program, contact us by phone or e-mail.

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