AR Control is a software solution for author supervision and construction control using AR glasses.

A feature of the AR Control program is the method of author’s supervision itself, namely, the use of Microsoft HoloLens 2 glasses, which are a completely autonomous device. They are controlled by gestures. This device allows you to carry out author’s supervision, construction control, using the method of linear linking of objects (by two points), as well as positioning using a QR tag. Due to the autonomous operation of the equipment, the designer can download a 3D model of the object, go to its physical location and combine the virtual model and the object itself, which will clearly identify deviations from the project and carry out the necessary measurements.

Hololens 2 glasses work with several formats, for example FBX. There is also a converter that will allow you to convert a model from almost any CAD program into the desired format containing attribute information on the model.

The result of the author’s supervision or construction control using AR Control will be a report in BCF format, which contains the coordinates of the original location and the new location of the 3D model element, as well as a screenshot and a comment, and opens in any CAD program, for example REVIT.

The presence of the Internet at the location of the object is not necessary. The created projects will be stored in the built-in memory of the glasses until the specialist finds access to the Internet.


  • Convenience of working with autonomous augmented reality glasses on a construction site

  • Improving the speed and quality of field supervision

  • Deviations are visible at the earliest stages of a project

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