3D Model Editor
with the ability to reduce the IFC file by an average of 11 times

A powerful tool of the program is a customizable fragmentation grid, which allows you to divide the model into a given number of sectors of various shapes and, in the future, work independently with each of them. An additionally created grid can be saved and used at all iterations of the project life cycle.

The solution allows you to perform the following functions:

  • Cropping models using a fragmentation grid

  • Installing a QR tag on a model and generating a label for printing

  • Working with layers and 3D model elements: enabling and disabling layers, changing the transparency level of the 3D model

The more saturated the 3D model is, – up to 20 times

Organizer and participant modes

Organizer Mode:

  • Creating and editing scenes
  • Conference management (demonstration of model layers, collisions, CSG)
  • PC control

Participant Mode:

  • Connecting by room name to a conference
  • Create and view comments
  • View models, collisions and CSG

Working with layers

  • Separating objects into separate layers by attributes
  • Changing the transparency of a layer
  • Disabling layer visibility

MODEL EDITOR - created to prepare 3D models for use on mobile devices and speeds up this work by 27%

  • Optimal set of functions for quick learning and easy work

  • Low system requirements – can be used directly on the construction site

  • Own specialized MIF format for optimal work with AR MOBILE

It is included in the register of domestic software

Work in the program

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