A configurator in your arsenal of tools can save time for customers and managers to select the necessary products. This program is a kind of customer survey according to a predetermined scenario in order to find out what exactly he needs and, as a result, show the full specification, cost, visualization (appearance) of a product or service. This is a great way to sell a personalized product with many options and options.

Our company has developed and successfully presented such products as:

  • Cable support system configurator;

  • Program for calculating the section of the cable channel;

  • Double floor configurator;

  • Solar panel configurator;

  • Cable and pipe clamp configurator;

  • Universal engineering software loader.

To equipment manufacturers: in accordance with your catalog, we will develop a convenient equipment configurator, include the necessary functionality in it, which will ultimately facilitate the work of designers and allow you to increase sales of your products by appearing in new projects.

Main functionality: Ability to save the intermediate or final result of the project, for further loading into the program area for editing. Storage of a complete database of products in encrypted form and the possibility of specific selections from it with additional data filtering.

Additional functionality: Preparation and editing of specifications for added products within the software and uploading specifications to Excel. Providing the ability to work with related data, including fasteners and hardware necessary for installation. The combination of products by size, type, dimensions, performance and other characteristics. Calculation of the number of products with given parameters.

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